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What clients are saying about lifestyle and san diego wedding photographer Erin O'Leary of EoleaPhotography:


Randy Stine of Atlantic Records' Straight No Chaser writes:

"I can't speak highly enough for Erin, both as a professional, and as a person. She will amaze you with her creativity, positive attitude, and infectious energy, not to mention her stunning photography. Working with Erin, you will not only walk away with fantastic photos, you'll have a new friend in Erin. She is the complete package, and a person you'll want to know long beyond the scope of the project."

* * *

International performer/singer/songwriter Rachel Lynn writes:

"Erin is consistent, motivated and energized to get the best possible frames in a limited amount of time. She works fast and efficient and has been prepared above and beyond for all of the professional photo shoots we have scheduled. She believes in win-win scenarios and works to get the best shot for your project and your taste as well as for her own artistic satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending Erin and look forward to working again for her."

* * *

Mindy and Ernesto Sotto - Wedding - Coronado, CA

"Out of all the venders and people we hired for the wedding, you were HANDS DOWN, the BEST!!!!  I felt an instant chemistry with you.  You are a natural at what you do.  I don't even need to see the pictures to know they are great.  I totally trust you."

* * *

Christine P. of Brazilian Productions writes:

"This was the second year that we had the absolute pleasure of having Erin aboard at the San Diego Brazil Carnival!
She has to be one of the most talented and professional artist I have had the honor to work with."


* * *

Leslie and Paul Mann - Wedding - Longshadow Ranch Winery Temecula, CA write:

"We were expecting these photos to be good, but WOW! Erin did our wedding and engagement photography and we couldn't have been more happy with the photos and especially her! All of the photos perfectly captured our special day. She is so incredibly patient, detailed, hardworking and professional."

* * *

Andrea L. - Wedding - El Paso, TX writes:

"Erin created art out of my wedding! She captured every moment beautifully"



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